General Overseer Of Christ Apostolic Church Set To Re-marry At Age Of 75 ─ Umahiprince’sblog

The General Overseer of Christ Apostolic Church, Prophet Samuel Kayode Abiara, yesterday said he is prepared to re-marry.

He said this is at an elaborate send-off service held in his honour as the retired General Evangelist of CAC Worldwide in Bashorun, Ibadan.

 While addressing the event, he said “It’s a year and half my beloved wife Christiana Aduke Abiara went to be with the Lord.

“I missed her so much. It was all over the news when the event took place. A lot of people are wondering and asking questions what would I do? “I told them I am waiting on God, that whatever He tells me I will do. Well, by God’s grace, I will remarry in few days’ time and you will be informed.

“I consider it imperative to re-marry because it was stated in the Bible. It was in the Bible that if a man loses his wife or a woman loses her husband, he or she must re-marry, particularly because of the nature of my work.

“My children have held a meeting that it was not good for me to be alone in the house as all of them have travelled out and God spoke to me that I must do it and by the grace of God, you will get informed soon, ” he disclosed.

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