Breaking: Catholics In Shock Over Mysterious Bleeding Of Catholic Nun As ‘Lenten Passion’ In Enugu

The people of Ogbodu in Enugu Ezike, Igbo-Eze North Local Government Area of Enugu State have been faced with the bizarre sight of a Catholic nun and member of the Religious Order of Virgins, Reverend Sister Martina Offorka, bleeding mysteriously on the feet, palms and eyes, with the host of Holy Communion protruding from her mouth during the Lenten season.

The sister, who hails from Ifite in Anambra state, is said to have been having this experience for over half a decade now, especially during the Lenten period. She runs Divine Wound Motherless Babies Home and a nursery/primary school at Ogbodu Enugu Ezike, where the incident happens. Calling her bleeding experience “Passion”, leader of the prayer group, Evangelist Elisha Ayogu disclosed that the ordeal happens on Tuesdays and Thursdays during Lenten season.

Evangelist Ayogu told Saturday Sun, “It happens every Tuesday and Thursday during Lenten season. During that of last year, which was my first experience of being physically present, it took us by surprise. We were singing and praying when suddenly she handed over the microphone to me. She rushed inside her room and shouted, writhing in pain. Blood started gushing out from her feet, eyes and palms. I rushed to clean the blood from her body, but was prevented by other older members of the group on the grounds that it is not everybody that cleans the blood.

According to them, the blood is not that of a human being or Sister Martina. But it is the blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ.” On the quantity of blood the nun might be losing to the bleeding, the leader of the group said he could not estimate the quantity that flows out of her during the painful experience. “I cannot explain how much blood she loses during this painful experience. All I know is that during (the Passion), Sister Offorka gives out spiritual revelations which border mainly on repentance. She usually tells people that doubt the reality of the blood to test it clinically. But what surprises me is that when you sniff the blood, you will see that it scents like the altar wine.

Another mysterious thing about this Passion, as experienced by Sister Martina, is that she does not transfuse blood to make up for the blood lost during the Passion. Neither does she take any medication for the pains she undergoes.” Asked what happens to the host (Holy Communion) inside her mouth during the passion, the evangelist said, “Actually, the Holy Communion comes into her mouth on its own. Some people thought that it was the Holy Communion that was given to her during Holy Mass before the Passion that is inside her mouth; but, I tell you, it is not. For instance, during last year Lenten period, particularly one Wednesday, there was no priest to celebrate Holy Mass for us. The priests that were invited couldn’t make it and when we went to the Parish priest that night, he told us that he couldn’t make it that night.

He told us that he would come in the morning by six o clock for the Holy Mass. “However, by midnight, Sister Martina started experiencing her usual Passion. By 5 AM, when I went to see her in her room before the coming of the Parish priest, I heard her saying ‘Amen’ like we usually say when Holy Communion is being given to us. “Lo and behold, I saw Holy Communion inside her mouth, even though no priest was inside the room with her. In fact, it was only her that was inside her room that early morning.

Again, it is usually a priest that removes the Holy Communion from her mouth, especially the ones I have witnessed. Last year, after the Passion, the priest who removed the Holy Communion from her mouth told us that the Holy Communion looked exactly like the one we receive. That everything written on the one we receive is also written on that one too. What I don’t know is whether the communion is kept with other communion inside the Tabernacle.”

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