BBN2018: Evicted Housemates React To Issue Of Returning Back To Show

Following the big announcement on Sunday by big brothers to bring back two evicted housemate to the reality show, ex house mates took to their social media to react the big twist.
While some of the evicted housemates of the reality show launched campaigns to get back into the house, Dee-one, after soliciting for votes, blocked fans who lashed at him.
Below are the reactions:
Ahneeka on Twitter wrote, ”Y’all thought I wasn’t ready to come back No way! The truth is, I spent the better part of the day trying to wrap me head around the whole news. I mean.. who would have thought. 
”Well my #AhneekaNinjas did. They even started the #bringbackahneeka campaign way before the news dropped. Now to the agenda of the join the movement.”
Vandora on Instagram wrote, ”What do you guys think!!!! Let love win. Can I still win ? (In#bigbrothervoice)It may seem as thy #VANDORA wants back in. Give me a chance by voting. Thank you very much.”
Khloe on Instagram wrote, ”Guess what guys? Koko can still win the money. Yay. But only with the help of my kokoArmy’s . Now it’s time to vote Khloe back in the house. Second chance ? Let’s hope so.”
Anto, speaking to Africa Magic TV said ”I can be silly and I can be serious. Same with most people. ”Anto Army, which side of Anto do you want to see more? Her silly side? Or her serious side? Or both? Which side do you want to see more of in the #bbnaija house? First step is to vote Anto back in.”
Bitto wrote; ”No Strategies this Time, THE REAL BITTO (BIG BITTO) kindly needs a second chance;
•Bitto is NOT MARRIED!
•Bitto is jovial (The Boy in your neighbourhood)
•Bitto is compassionate
Please Vote to put BITTO back in Big Brother’s House.

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