Ten Things You Need To Do Before You Attain The Age Of 30-35years

 Ten Things You Need To Do Before You Attain The Age Of 30-35years

1.Begin to put money in the bank and learn to leave it there i.e Learn to save dont spent all your money on clothes,Make up,Material thing that wont follow you to Heaven...Work Hard so you will reap.

2.Date the right person i.e Dont date a guy for dating sake, dont date him coz he his rich, dont date him coz he his Handsome, but date for a Purpose Always put God first Else You may end up regretting.

3.Get your own place stop having room-mates...This Doesn't implies that having roommates wont make u live responsible but when u live ur life alone nd stop living on people you will see that you will start to have plans for yourself, And even if you want to have a roommate Live with somebody that has a future not somebody that will always advice you to party every time,Not somebody that gives you wrong advice,Not somebody dat has never open his/her MOUTH one that you should pray,Not roommate that can advice you to carry your book nd read Etc (You should understand what i mean now...Live a responsible life it is profitable)

4.Get out of Debt (This most of us, we youths of nowadays we get into debt because we want to show off, show people we are better living a life that is not comfortable simply because we want to be Among but truly brothers nd sister debt is not owing but debt is when you live a life that is not yours)

5 Get that body you always dream of and maintain it.

6. Surround Yourself with people that will take u a step ahead...(Have you ever wondered if you are moving forward or not? if you are moving with the right people? if ur friends have affected your life positively in one or two ways? if not check ur self well check the kind of people you mingle with if u r the type that mingle with People that dont read,that dont pray, dat dont have future..when i mean dont have future i mean people dat dont plan there some people who dont even think of anything in there life than to just party party...seriously u should think of it Move with people that will affect you life positively....if u need example u can ask me)

7.Start to accumulate a fortune and wealth..(This is very important in everybody's life there is an adage that says if u fail to plan u plan to fail anything you do in,life plan plan plan well )

8.Learn to dress well not sexy.

9.Accept that you are an adult and start living as one(Hmmmmm this is also important to those that have reached age of 20-35 and you are still behaving like kids thinking its until you reach 50yrs before u have sense NO even from 18yrs you should already have plans for yourself Know what you want from what you dont want dont let friend influence affect you...Live your life to please yourself and not to please people..this people will back off when you have a single Problem )THINK!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Let go of the past and look forward to the future...
Thanks for reading this piece...Leave a comment if you think Have tried And if you think You Have been blessed with this piece ND ALSO stay tunED FOR MORE ..THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS YOU

written by Oluwaseyi Ogunseye

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