Top 4 Reasons Why Students Fail To Gain Admission ─ JAMB

Recently, the rate to which JAMB record failure is becoming something else, thereby denying student the opportunities of gaining admission.  The reason is not that the student didn't prepare very well for the exam, instead they  lack techniques of how JAMB set their questions and do their calculations.

Gaining admission or passing JAMB is not all about reading but knowing the necessary things that need to be done. Am not saying that students are not main to read, instead they should also take advantage of things we are going to discuss on this post in other to achieve their set goals which is gaining admission.

Student fails to gain admission for many reasons which I will be listing some of such reasons in this post. You want admission this year? Then take your time carefully to read my point.

Below are some of the reasons why student fail to gain admission.

1. Low JAMB scores
Having low JAMB scores reduces your chance of admission. This is what disqualifies most students with low JAMB score.

2. Choosing competitive course
If you want a quicker admission, just avoid those competitive courses, you can be successful in any other course which is less competitive.

3. Not being informed
I know of students that were not admitted just because they were not aware of their school screening date. Let us cultivate the attitude of surfing the Internet in search of valuable information. If you are not informed, you will surely be deformed. Be careful.

4. Wrong subject combination
Almost every students fall victim of this, wrong subject combinations. I will advised you to check JAMB brochure before proceed to apply for JAMB so that you will not regret in the future.
You need help on your subject combination? I can be of help, comment your preferred course and I will tell you your subject combination.

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