Steps On How To Earn 1,000 To 10,000 With Your Facebook Account

In a bid to provide my dear readers with more “legitimate online business“, I discovered Affnaija, an affiliate company that pays its user for performing simple tasks. All you need to do on Affnaija is to Create An Account, Choose A Plan, Share Product Links and get paid!

Affnaija provides you with a legitimate platform where you can earn between N700 – N4,200 every day by simply sharing product links on your Facebook account. In order to be considered, you need a Facebook account with at least 300 friends.

Affnaija is not a ponzi scheme, you get paid according to how you work and the plan you subscribed with. In lay Man’s term, let me break down the business process. This company is affiliated with Jumia, Konga etc ( I’m sure these eCommerce websites are familiar to you).

Now these companies pay Affnaija a certain amount of money to promote the products on their website. Affnaija cannot do this task alone, so they set up a system to share the revenue that the eCommerce giants are paying to them. Let’s say you have 300 Facebook friends, when you share the product links provided to you, it’s likely that 100 people would see it right?

Some people might not be interested in the product, others might. Then there’s a possibility of the e-Commerce giants

making sales from this social shares. Imagine 1000 people sharing product links on their Facebook page, it’s a viral effect!

Now the good thing is that your friends don’t even have to purchase the product before you get paid. All you need to do is to share the product link that would be sent to you everyday. As soon as you share the link, your payment reflects immediately on your dashboard.

How Does It Work?

Step 1:

Create an Account On AffNaija

Follow the steps in the screenshot below:
Click on the Register Tab As Shown Above

Click On The Green “Register” Tab Again As Shown Above


Fill the form as shown above, at the point where it requests for your website, you have to enter your Facebook account URL. Login to your Facebook account on a browser. Then copy the url on the address bar. See image below:

Now input the URL from the picture above into the space provided for website as shown in the image below:

Step 2: 
Select any of the available plans and fund your account. 


BASIC PLAN – ₦1000

  • You earn ₦100 daily on a product you share on your facebook wall
  • You earn ₦250 per referral
  • ₦2000 minimum withdrawal
  • No withdrawal charges
  • 30 days validity
  • You renew your subscription from your earnings


  • You earn ₦400 daily on a product you share on your facebook wall
  • You earn ₦100 per referral
  • ₦8000 minimum withdrawal
  • No withdrawal charges
  • 30 days validity
  • You renew your subscription from your earnings


  • You earn ₦700 daily on a product you share on your facebook wall
  • You earn ₦1,500 per referral
  • ₦14,000 minimum withdrawal
  • No withdrawal charges
  • 30 days validity
  • You renew your subscription from your earnings

P.S: The debit card option is not fully operational, so it’s best you fund your account through any of the agents whose details have been provided on the website. If you have issues, do email me on [email protected] 

Please note that at the point of payment where it requests for sponsor username, use “INNOCENT88" as the username. That’s the only way I’m going to help you grow in the business. 

Step 3:

After making payment, you’d be given full access to the back office. The next thing you need to do is to share a post on your Facebook account to make money. Make sure that you are logged on to Facebook with the same browser you use to access your affnaija account. 
Click on the “Share and Earn” tab as shown in the figure above.

Click on the red link that says “Click Here to View Today’s Product” as shown in the image above. 


Next, click on the Facebook share button under the product that would be revealed to you.

A popup box would open just as shown below… cancel the link that reads ” Earn up to N10,000 bla bla bla

Click on the tab that says “Post to Facebook”

Once done, your account will be credited immediately. As simple as ABC right?

Let me reiterate again that people don’t need to purchase an item from any of the eCommerce stores before you get paid. Once you share, you will get paid!

Now how can you earn N700 – N5,000 daily. Let’s say for example, you subscribe for the N7,000 plan, then you will earn N700 when you share the products allotted to your account. If you diligently share the product links, in 30 days you’d have earned N21,000. 

If you subtract your subscription money, then you’d have a balance of N14,000. Do you want to make more money? Then pay attention. When you register a new member into the Affnaija network, you will get paid! Affnaija rewards its partners for referrals. 

If you refer a customer who signs up with N1,000, you will receive N250 referral bonus.

If you refer a customer who signs up with N4,000, you will receive N1,000 referral bonus.

If you refer a customer who signs up with N7,000, you will receive N1,500 referral bonus.

Sweet Right?

To earn N5,000, you need to refer 5 people that will sign up with the N4,000 plan right? Making money online is a number’s game, with the strategy I will teach you, you’d be earning more than some paid worker in a month or two months from now.

How to Withdraw:

One thing I love about the guys behind Affnaija is the swift payout. You’d never have to wait for your money, cash withdrawals are processed almost immediately. Your withdrawal would be sent straight to your bank account here in Nigeria. 

Just click on the “Withdraw” tab and fill the form to request for your money.

Understanding The Affnaija Dashboard:


1. Overview:

This tab shows you your referral transaction, paid and unpaid referrals, earnings etc.

2. Referrals

On this tab, you can see the total number of people you have referred into the Affnaija business.

3. Withdrawal

This is the section where you request withdrawal of your earnings. 

Note that:

  • Minimum withdrawal amount(your main balance + referral current balance) is ₦2,000 for basic members, ₦8000 for premium members and  ₦14,000 for ultimate members
  • Your bank account name must correlate with the name on your dashboard
  • You can request for Withdrawal any day of the week. Wait till you get alert before requesting for another withdrawal.
  • We shall be verifying your referrals (if applicable) and our merchant products on your Facebook wall, so, processing of withdrawals can take up to 24hrs but not more than 72hrs.
  • Make sure the form finished submitting and you get a successful response before leaving the page.
  • Declaration of false amount in withdrawal and submission of withdrawal request multiple times is a serious offence, we take it as if you’re trying to cheat. It can lead to ban for some days or for life.

4. Share & Earn:

This is the tab where you’d see the product on Jumia & or Konga you are meant to share. 

5. Logout:

This is where you can sign out of your account.

6. Profile:

This is the tab where you can modify your account details, add picture to your account etc. 

7. Marketing:

This is the tab where you get your referral link to promote the business if you are interested in earning more.

8. Overall

On this tab, you can see the traffic log displaying the total number of people that have visited your referral link. It shows you the devices that accessed your url and the date etc. 

Remember that referring people is not mandatory to earn and also people whom you share your link with on your Facebook account must not buy before you earn.

Now that you know all these, what are you waiting for?

It’s time to get started!

To fund your account, you can get the phone number of any of the agent on the website, or email me on [email protected] You can also Whatsapp me on 08037193840 for further instructions.

Please always use “bizmogul” as your referral when requested at the point of payment. Thanks.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop a comment in the comment box below and I’d respond in the next 24 hours.

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Until next time

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