Procedures To Enjoy Glo 200% Bonus On Every Recharge

With the recent improvement on Glo network, the network provider is doing all it could to taken over the telecommunication networks with lot of bonus and benefits specially designed for their customers to stream and enjoy. Below are all you need to know about Glo 200% bonus.
1. What is 200% Bonus Promotion all about?
This is a recharge based promotion rewarding customers who dial *200# with the following benefits:
• 100% Bonus on recharge of N100 . Valid for 7 days
• 200% Bonus on recharge of N200 and above. Valid for 7 days
• Bonus can be used for SMS and calls to all Networks in Nigeria
• N200 weekly Family and friends bonus on recharge for N200 and above
• Free 15MB on recharge of N200 and above to be given once in 7 days. Valid for 5 days
• Free 5MB on recharge of N100 to be given once in 7 days. Valid for 3 days

2. Who can benefit from this promotion?
All new and existing customers on the Glo network.

3. How can I benefit from this promo as a customer
Customer needs to opt in ONCE by dialing *200# to signify interest in receiving 200% Bonus. Once
customer has opted in, all subsequent recharges will be rewarded with the applicable bonus instantly.

4. What is the code to opt in for the 200% Bonus promotion?
The customer will opt in just once with USSD code *200#

5. How much am I charged for dialing *200#?
Dialing *200# is free

6. Do I have to dial *200# every time I want to recharge?
You need to dial *200# just once to opt in for 200% Bonus Promotion.

7. What is the validity of the bonus received?
Recharge Bonus is valid for 7 days

8. At what rate is the bonus received charged?
It’s charged at 50k/s

9. Do I get 200% Bonus bonus on recharging ETop Up?
E-Top Up gets you 20% bonus and not 200% bonus

10. Does the promo validity also affect my main account validity
No it does not. Your main account balance can be used anytime you wish.

11. When do I get the 200% Bonus bonus?
The FREE airtime will be received INSTANTLY

12. What are the call charges applicable to the 200% Bonus bonus?
Calls are charged at 50k while SMS is charged at N4

13. Is 200% Bonus bonus available to all prepaid customers?
Glo Infinito, G-Bam and 11k/s plans are the repaid profile that can currently enjoy the 200% bonus

14. If a customer mistakenly opts-in the second time what will happen?
The customer will get SMS that he/she has already opt-in.

15. What can I do with my bonus airtime?
The FREE airtime can be used to make calls or SMS to ANY network in Nigeria

16. When can I use my 200% Bonus airtime?
The 200% Bonus can be used ANY TIME ANY DAY

17. How will I be notified of my bonus reward received?
You will get an SMS notification informing you of the bonus reward.

18. Can I get bonus on multiple recharges same day?
Yes you get bonus on every recharge you make once you’ve opted in initially by dialing *200#.

19. Will two recharges of N100 recharge voucher qualify me for 200% Bonus?
No it won’t. N100 will earn you 100% bonus on recharge and you won’t get the N200 for FnF calls. A single recharge of N200 recharge voucher or higher denomination recharge vouchers is what will earn you 200% bonus and free N200 for FnF calls.

20. How do I check my bonus balance?
You can check your 200% Bonus balance by dialing #122#

21. Can I accumulate the bonus?
Yes. Bonus can be accumulated but validity period cannot be accumulated.

22. At what rate will I be charged when I make use of my bonus?
You will be charged at the rate of 50k/s and N4 per SMS.

23. At what rate will I be charged when I make calls from my Main account?
You will be charged at the rate of 50k/s and N4 per SMS.

24. Will my profile tariff change if I opt for 200% Bonus?
Opting for 200% Bonus will change your profile rate.

25. Will there be a special code to recharge?
No there is no special code to recharge but customer must do a one-time opt in for 200% Bonus promo by dialing *200#

26. What do I do if I do not want to receive 200% Bonus bonus again?
You can opt out by dialing *201#.

27. How will the bonus airtime be shared into Glo-to-Glo calls and sms?
How you use your bonus is dependent on you.

28. Will I get 200% Bonus I receive credit through Glo Easy share?
You won’t get 200% Bonus

29. Will I get 200% Bonus when I recharge through Borrow Me Credit?
You won’t get 200% Bonus

30. Will I be able to transfer the bonus from my bonus account to another glo customer?
You cannot transfer from your bonus account to any prepaid customer.

31. Is there any change to the codes for checking my balances?
There is no change to the codes for checking your account balances. For your Main account balance enquiry, it remains #124*1#. For your data bundle balance enquiry, it remains *127*0#. And for your 200% Bonus balance enquiry, it remains #122#.

32. What do I need to do get the free N200 Family and Friends (FnF)?
You need to recharge N200 or more and you’ll get free N200 once in a week to call your registered FnF.

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