People Of IMO State Now Gives Their Children Names Depicting Statues

I heard that IMO State is now a land of statues and children born there now bear names related to it, like:

1) Chikpurum (God molded me).
2) Chikpuo (God,mould).
3) Chikpuwa (God be moulding).
4) Chinakpu (God moulds).
5) Chigakpu (God will mold).
6) Chikpuzie (God mould well).
7) Chikpuchaa (God finish moulding).
8) Chiakpuchalam (God has finished moulding me.
9) Chikpuzirim (God moulded me well).
10) Chikputaram (God moulded me well).
11) Chimakpu (God knows how to mould).
12) Chikpusirimike (God moulded me strongly).
13) Chikpurumnkeoma (God moulded me well).
14) Chiakpughi (God did not mould).
15) Chiokpukpu (God that moulds).
16) Okpukpuchukwu (What God moulded).
17) Okpukpuomachi (God's beautiful mould).
18) Onyechukwukpuziri (Who God moulded well).
19) Onyechikpuru (Who God moulded).
20) Mgbechikpuru (When God moulds).
21) Ihechikpuru (What God moulded).
22) Kachisirikpuo (How God moulded).
23) Chikpurugawa (God continue moulding).
24)Onyekpurukachi (Who moulds like God).
25) Chikpuba (Let God continue moulding).
26) Chikpufo (God eeh don do).

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