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Here’s What A Nigerian Father Said After He Lost His Son

Death is painful but that of a little child is very painful. A grieve father took to Facebook to share photos of his lost son and write-ups  that expressed the rate of love he had for the son.

He wrote:


We cried on u to save my boi..
Why did you have to take my boi away from me this faithful afternoon???
What type of sin have we committed??
I'm questioning u ooo..
Jesus!!... My life is shattered..
I'm dumbfounded..
I can never believe this..
Chiemerie??... Heeey!!.. Nwa'm ji eme onu..
My beautiful boi..😭😭😭
What a black Tuesday afternoon...
My worst year so far!!
I still find it difficult to type Rest in peace..
The devil thought he has won the battle neither did he know the battle just began...

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