Fulani’s Can Not Be Beaten By Any Other Ethnic Group In Nigeria ─ Bello, Fulani National Leader

The National Chairman of Fulbe (Fulani) Development Association of Nigeria (FULDAN), Malam Ahmad Usman Bello, has declared the Fulani as too good to be beaten by any other ethnic groups in the country. .

this was made known in an interview with Tribune, he said his ethnic group remained unbeatable and any ethnic group that fights it would be doing so at its own peril. Bello made the remarks while speaking against the background of the national outcry against the murderous activities of Fulani herdsmen in Benue, Plateau and Taraba states and many other parts of the country. .

“Take it or not, Fulanis have remained unbeatable; no ethnic group can fight us face to face. Any ethnic group that fights us will learn a bitter lesson,” the leader of the apex Fulani association in the country said.

He, however, said it was in the interest of the Fulani, which he described as “the largest ethnic group in Nigeria and, indeed, West Africa,” for all Nigerians to continue to live in peace and unity. .

According to him, should a civil war break out in the country, the Fulani would be the biggest losers because they have more people than any other ethnic groups in the country.

“It is in our own interest that the country lives in peace [and for the country] to be united. If anything happens in Nigeria, we are the ones to lose because we have more people than any other ethnic groups.

When you have more people, if any war occurred, certainly we Fulanis would have more dead people to record. And we are not beggars as we are equally blessed with wealth,” Bello said.

In an apparent reference to the Benue State people, he stated that if the Fulanis wanted to take other people’s land, they could have done so in the past “when these people did not know how to wear clothes.”

Tracing the origin of the Tiv, Bello said the progenitor of Tivs hailed from Katsina State and had married a Junkun woman who gave birth to those who are today referred to as the Tiv people. He declared the name of the father of the Fulani as Muhammad Katsina-Alla.

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