Art Courses With High Employment Rate In Nigeria

As an art student, am going to use this platform to talk about art courses with high employment rate. but before i start to download all i have to say, it will be wise to note that employment shouldn't be the only thing to consider when taking a decision about what course to study in the University.

Remember, choosing  a course is a life decision, so before before you choose a course you are advised to consider those things you enjoy doing and find courses that relate to them so that when you leave school you will not only work for the money but also enjoy what you are doing.

Below indicated courses are not really the best art course but can be rated as one due to the nature in which they differ from the rest.  But the courses alone won’t qualify you for automatic employment. Hard-works and good grades are the only  thing that will enable you enjoy the below professions

1. Law
Well, Law being the best art courses is no news. Law opens doors for you in Nigeria. Being a lawyer is almost being on the same level as a doctor. Though law offers great employment benefits, it is also very competitive and you will have to be outstanding in order to secure a good job.

Actually, this is one of the most marketable art courses in Nigeria today. When you talk about English all most students ever see is teaching as the end result but the English course opens far greater doors than teaching. Few of the jobs you’ll be eligible for when you study English includes Digital copywriter, Editorial assistant, English as a foreign language teacher, Lexicographer, Magazine journalist, Newspaper journalist, Primary school teacher, Secondary school teacher, Writer and so on. One of the joys of this course is that it offers you the opportunity to freelance and work from anywhere you are which is not associated with other courses.

Political science is a very popular course amongst art students and despite this, it is still very lucrative. Though competitive but if you can graduate with an outstanding result, you will surely be employed almost immediately.

If you are very passionate about acting then you might want to consider Theater art. It’s one of the best art courses in the country. However, you will have to be very passionate about acting since it actually deals with more passion than with brain work.

I have to include this lucrative career on this list. Though very obscure to most Nigerian students, these art courses are actually very lucrative and can open doors for you. With the rise of the internet, there are more demands for designers more than anything. Everyday people keep looking for designers of logos for their website and businesses as well as corporate designs to promote their brands. You can easily make a name for yourself with these courses especially if you love freelancing.

6. Foreign Languages
Foreign languages especially mandarin (Chinese), Spanish, German, Russian and French can really open doors of employment for you. One attractive aspect of these courses is that you will have less competition. You can work in embassies or even become a private tutor. You may decide to become a freelance translator and work as you like.

7. Counseling and psychology
Though not very well recognized in Nigeria, counseling and psychology are bound to explode in a few years just as in other developing and developed countries of the world. Lots of people are depressed in the society and as we move on this number is bound to increase. Though in Nigeria right now most people are not aware of counseling services but in few years they will surely start looking for their services.

Notable mentions of Economics and Accounting didn’t make the list because it is becoming saturated with little or no space for their graduates to earn a living. Information Technology software is replacing the above-mentioned jobs, and that is part of the reason I don’t classify them as one of the best art courses in Nigeria.

All courses are literally lucrative if you can use your creative imagination. No matter the course you study in school you can become employed immediately if plan properly before graduating.

I hope u found the post helpful. Don't forget to drop any questions using the comment box and it will be attended to within an hour. Thanks 

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