Dog Seen Feeding Its Puppies With Newborn Baby

A stray dog was been filmed running from a hospital in Gopalganj, Madhya Pradesh, India, with a newborn baby in its mouth and then later reportedly feeding it to her puppies.

The horrific footage shows the little baby in the animal’s jaws as it trotted along a road unchallenged. Local media reports do not make it clear if the baby was dead before the dog got hold of it.

According to DailyMirror, the police and the hospital have launched investigations into the disturbing incident. The baby and its parents have not been identified.

Police arrived on the scene but could only confirm that the baby was dead. The dog’s puppies were found to be chewing on something thought to a part of the baby’s body.

Gopalganj Station House Officer Sanjay Soni said: “As soon as we received the information, we reached the spot and found the body of a newborn in disturbing condition. “The body has been sent for post-mortem.

“An investigation is underway to identify the child.” Hospital doctor Arun Saraf said: “After the incident came to light, we started an investigation.” Indian media notes that just last month a stray dog was found with a dead human baby in a similar incident, also in the same area.

It was reported that while officers were supposed to be guarding the body at the scene, they fell asleep and it was snatched by a pig. And in a third such incident, the body of a girl who died a few hours after birth was stolen by a dog after being left wrapped up in a rug on the floor in a hospital. 

📸: CEN, MirrorUK

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