What To Do If You Are Yet To Gain Admission

Daily i do get messages and call from candidates asking questions concerning admission status and the mood in which they state their problem doesn't go well at all. Many has lost hope all in the name of seeing someone they outscored gaining admission before them. 

my  to advise to all candidates is to be  patient and hope for the best, trust in yourself and in your ability that the admission process will not pass you by. Instead of complaining daily or blaming one institution or the other, why not make use of your time and engage it in something meaningful.

Life in campus is not easy and you really have to be prepared in other to face it. what do i mean here? you have to make use of your time while waiting for your respective school to released their admission status. Engage in one job or the other and safe money for yourself.

Let me tell you something, it was the money i made while waiting for my admission status at Enugu state that saw me through my 100 level and make stay away from demanding money from my parents and also place me at the hedge of other students. You too can do that, all it takes is your ability to understand yourself and what you are capable of doing.

So my dear, don't kill yourself on blaming one institution or JAMB, instead see the delay as an opportunity granted to you to use it and get yourself and mind prepared in other to face all challenges that you will encounter when you are finally admitted.

While getting yourself busy will relevant things, i will also recommend that you always check your institution official website or always visit here in other to gain real updates concerning admission status. Stay away from all site with admission promise.

I wish all that  are reading this post at the moment successful and less stress admission that will put smiles on your face. All the best friends. Drop a comment if you find this post interesting, it might inspire another candidate.

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