Steps On How Check Your 2017 Admission Status In JAMB Caps Portal

Jamb ​CAPS​ now working smoothly. Every ​JAMBITES​ who have been offered admission are endeavour to login to their jamb profile portal and accept the ​admission​ via CAPS link if they're fully satisfied with given admission from the institutions chosen!!

Please and please if your yet to be offered admission yet by your chosen ​institutions​ don't, i repeat don't ​accept admission​ yet on CAPS(risky), just hold-on till your chosen institution offer you admission to your desire/other course you know you can study.

1. Ensure you have active data bundle.
2. Open your favourite browser but I will advice you not to use Opera Mini.
3. Visit the jamb caps admission checking portal using this link
4. Caps Central admission portal home page will open.
5. Enter your Jamb registration number in the space where you will see UTME Registration Number.
6. Click on the submit button.
7. Your details including Jamb score, institution, date of birth,etc will appear.
8. If you are given admission and you like the school then click on accept admission.
9. If the institution and course space is blank or you have not been offered admission then don’t click on accept admission. Just keep checking back.
10. Be very careful to to accept admission when you are not offered or when you have hope of gaining admission in a better school.
11. Once you accept the admission offered you then you admission door is closed for that year.

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