What Is The Strength Behind Your Decisions?

These days, there are trends here and there. You see people partaking in them and you see others that don’t. Do they have strength behind decisions that they make? These people who partook in them do they have personal reasons for such actions? How about people who didn’t? Are they too weak to join? Read this post to know when to join in a trend.

Been unique simply means you’ve stood out from the crowd and found your own path. Been unique also means even if you follow the crowd, you have personal reasons for doing so. A benefit of being unique is that you’ll be able to progress while others are stagnant (I mean people who don’t know why they’re doing what they’re doing).

You may see a certain hair cut that has gained popularity and notice almost everyone with it. You joining in the trend is normal but deciding not to join or to join (perhaps cause you’ve noticed it’s benefits on you) makes you unique. This post is here to explain how to differentiate between strength and weakness in decision-making.

Here are two examples between strength and weakness:
What’s the strength behind decisions you make

1. You’re a girl and all your mates are having boyfriends and most are now having the mindset that being promiscuous makes you cooler so they’ll start visiting different boys from Street to street with a mission to ‘gather them’ while you’re at home.
Why aren’t you doing your own boyfriend search?

* Is it cause you don’t have beautiful clothes to go out? You’re weak
* Is it cause you lack self-esteem? You’re weak
* Is it cause you feel you’re too beautiful so boys should be the ones hunting for you? You’re weak
* Is it cause you know it’s a sin? You’re strong
* Is it cause you know your worth would be devalued day by day? You’re strong

2. You’re a guy and every one of your friends are into internet fraudulent business and they’re making it big. Day by day, positive stories are being told while you’re just watching them.
Why don’t you join in and make quick cash?
* Is it cause you don’t have laptop or phone or any Internet access? You’re weak
* Is it cause you haven’t brush up in your English skills? You’re weak
* Is it cause you feel you can’t defend yourself if probed? You’re weak
* Is it cause your parents are rich so you feel you have enough money? You’re still weak
* Is it cause you know you’re ruining other people’s lives? You’re strong
* Is it cause you know it’s wrong? You’re strong
* Is it cause you’re planning ahead for a bright stainless future? You’re strong.

Now the question is: of all countless trends that people engage in, how do I know when am weak or strong in the decision I take? Here’s the answers:

When you’ve got strength behind decisions....

1.You decide, not because people did, but cause you thought its beneficial to you

2. Remember that the earth and people/things in it are everything that’s not you so if you ever face a situation of pleasing yourself alone, perhaps making someone feel hurt or something don’t feel right, you’re strong for not doing it

3. Remember that you not doing something wrong cause your resources aren’t complete makes you a weak person

4. Know that you not doing something right cause your resources aren’t complete don’t mean you’re weak

5. Always remember that it’s your life and life has no duplicate. Don’t do things solely because people do it.

6. Weakness means you did not partake in any given trend because you think you’re not yet fit or you partook because other people partook whereby strength means you did not partake because you’re stronger than the temptation, able to reason for yourself or you partook cause you’ve found personal favor in it

7. In a nutshell, trends are good because they open your eyes to something you may not have known but your reason for participating or not participating in them should be reviewed

So there you have it. Make sure you don’t follow the trend simple cause it’s the trend.
Source: Myschool

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