Two Final Year Students Of Ebsu Caught Fighting After Lecture

Two final year students, Emeka and Doris, of an undisclosed department in Ebonyi state University, was caught fighting after lecture yesterday. When questioned on what led to the fight, an eyes witness confirmed that it was lack of understanding among the two finalist that resulted to insulting themselves at the hot afternoon.

The witness who didn't want her name to be disclosed said,  act of joke Emeka raised a topic while a lecture was going on that he want to sell his phone at the rate of N15,000 and Doris priced it at the rate of N2,000. Still on the joke, Emeka said if she can be able to bring out the N2,000, he will hand the phone over the her as an agreed price. She opened her handbag and brought out the N2,000 and paid for the phone.

Emeka collected the money and refused to hand her over the phone during the lecture. when the lecture was over, she approached his for the phone and he refused.

It was at that point she demanded for the money or the phone. They were still negotiating on the matter before they lost control and started fighting each other. 

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