How To Deal With Setbacks As A University Student

How To Deal With Setbacks As A University Student
I'll like to share a topic titled "Set-back" Before I proceed, let's take a quick look at the definition of the topic; a problem that makes progress more difficult or success less likely.

We have different types of setbacks, such as : marriage, injury (sports), pregnancy, admission, graduation, promotion setbacks etc

But I'll like to talk more on school setbacks (admission, promotion, graduation setbacks etc). I chose to talk about this particular setback because I've seen a lot of victims who suffered from this setback and still moved far ahead of their academic peers.

Is set back really avoidable? Unfortunately, No.
Does this setback even has an advantage? Surprisingly, Yes.

Now the question is why are we afraid of setbacks?? The thing is that everyone wants to keep going/moving forward without halting.

No student wants to repeat a class neither does any student wants to write utme more than once. But another question is 'how do we deal with such setbacks? How do we get over it? How do we stop depression from getting the best or better still, the worst out of us?'

I'm still very young yet I've seen a lot in this life. Let me tell you guys a story about two very good friends of mine:

His name is Victor, he was going to repeat SS2. Her name is Shayo, she was also going to repeat SS2. Victor and Shayo had to deal with their promotion setbacks. Both were thinking of changing school, until respective parents intervened.

They had no option than to work extremely hard to get to the level they wanted to be. Now Victor was dominating Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and even English classes! "This guy is too good", most of his classmates echoed; "how did he repeat this class?" A few of his classmates questioned; "if he was this good, how did he repeat this class"? A sadist said.

I can write more on Victor because we were in the same class. SS2 session came to an end and guess wat? Both Victor and Shayo were promoted to the next class with respective awesome grades in their respective schools. It was not yet over, Victor was named the Vice senior boy prefect of a school having close to 300 senior students, over 100 brilliant male students and over 15 male prefects. Shayo? She was named the Senior female prefect beating over 10 brilliant and intelligent science students to clinch the title in her school also.

Thinking that was all? Not yet! The year both Victor and Shayo could have written waec (if they had not repeated), had a massive failure in the school. The following year (which they later wrote the exam), the success rate was five times more than the previous year. Still wondering if they passed their WAEC? You should know better biko.

Still thinking it ended there? Not yet friends!
That same year, Shayo was admitted into Unilag (one of the best schools in the western part of the country) to study LAW, while victor didn't attempt UTME that year; he later wrote UTME the following year and was admitted to study Human anatomy at UNN (arguably the best school in the eastern part of the country).

They are both doing very well in their respective line of discipline. Why is David talking about setbacks? Okay, things might not be the way you've envisaged them. You want to study medicine and surgery, yet you are offered Botany? You want to study law, yet you are offered Chinese studies? I normally tell people to be the best in whatever situation they find themselves.

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