When I Remember Where Am Coming From I Feel Everybody Can Make It ─ Bobrisky


Bobrisky is a Nigerian Internet celebrity, cross dresser and entrepreneur who is known for his social media skill most notably with the use of Snapchat, a social media application. 

The media entertainer share words with his fan on Instagram  about the reward of working hard.. He advised his fans never to give up in life. If he (Bobrisky) can make it despite where he came from, certainly anybody can make it. He also shared a photo of his past and that of the present in other to picture exactly what he is trying to communicate.

He wrote:
Awwww when I remember where am coming from I feel everybody can make it. If u don't rest hustle. Never allow any bastard knock down ur hustle cos nobody was there when u soak garri with no milk or sugar. U can make it too.


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