Powerful MTN Codes You Need To Note Down

 Powerful MTN Codes You Need To Note Down

MTN telecommunication is a giant that makes it possible when it comes to issue of communication. it is very essential to be aware of MTN tariff plans, migration codes, data bundles and other codes that will give you the best and value for money spent daily on your phone.

 MTN tariff plans
1) MTN Xtra pro: this plan offer you the opportunity to make calls as low as 11/sec with daily accession of N5

2) MTN ipulse: ipulse is the best plan for mostly students and heavy internet users. the plan offer user the opportunity of obtaining 1GB for N1000 with bonus of 500MB per month. The plan also offer 500MB for N25 for all night ranging from 12am to 4am. it also offers 1GB for 500MB per week. ipulse charge 15 kobo/sec or 11 kobo/sec after 40 kobo/sec for the first 60sec calls to MTN and 40kobo to non-MTN lines. 

3) MTN Trutalk: this plan offer you the opportunity of making cheap call such as 11 kobo/sec on local calls and 20 kobo/sec on international call. It comes with Day-day accession of N5. 

4) MTN Beta talk. it offers 200% airtime bonus whenever you are recharged your line. the main airtime will start counting once the bonus given finished.

Migration code
To migrate to the following plans is very simple. All you have to do is to dial the following codes and you are ready to stream the plans and enjoy the benefits attached to it. 

1) Trutalk code   - *131*20#
2) MTN Beta talk - *123*6#
3) MTN Xtra pro  -  *123* select 1
4) MTN ipulse     -    *123*406#

For more MTN tariff plans dial *123# and follow the instructions with your phone number keys.
MTN Data Bundles
MTN data bundle is the cheapest when it comes to data bundles in telecommunication industries. The data plans is not that high in terms of cost unlike 9mobile data plans. 
its possible to have another view when it come to MTN data plans but am certain in what i am saying and also talking out of experience as a heavy internet user daily. Maybe it might be well presented saying that MTN is more preferred to me than others.

Here's MTN Data bundles plan and code;

MTN data bundle plan is segmented into Daily, weekly and monthly plans. The data plans can be obtained either by dialing the code below or via test message.
Daily plans
These are plan that can last only for 24 hours after subscription.
1) 30MB for N100   -  *104# or test "104" to 131
2) 150MB for N200  - *113# or text "113" to 131

Weekly plans
Weekly plans enable you to have access to the plans you subscribed for a week. 
1) 150MB for N300   -   *102# or test "102" to 131
2) 750MB for N500   -   *103# or test "103" to 131

Monthly plans 
Monthly plans last for duration of 30days.  
1) 1.5GB for N1000   -  *106# or test "106" to  131
2) 3.5GB for N2000   -   *110# or test "110" to 131
3) 5GB    for N3500   -   *107# or test "107" to 131
4) 10GB  for N5000    -   *116# or text "116" to 131  

I'm very certain that you will find the above code so helpfull and never forget to always come back for more tips from MTN. Enjoy the value for your money. 

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