Liz Anjorin Reveals Reason Why She Converted To Islam

Nollywood actress, Liz Anjorin, who just converted to Islam voice out to address the rumor going round that she converted to the religion because of a man.

She made it known in an interview with Punch, she said:
“If I changed to Islam because of a man, why am I still single? People just like to say all sorts, but I’m not bothered anyway. This is my second time of going to Mecca after my conversion; I went first in 2013. My name remains Liz Anjorin, but I adopted the Muslim name, Aishat, and that’s all. My father was a Christian, while my mother was a Muslim. I only decided to follow my mother’s path.

I’m a private person and people don’t know much about me. If you check my Instagram page, you would see that my mode of dressing has changed. But as a celebrity and entertainer, I can wear anything to showcase my talent, which is work-related. I don’t need to write it on my forehead that I’m a Muslim.

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