GTB Allegedly Order Customer To Be Beaten For Making Several Withdrawal

GTB allegedly order for customer assault for inability to explain the reason why he has been making several withdrawal from is own account.

The incident was captured by someone who doesn't want his identity to be revealed. According to the anonymous,  " so i just witnessed a bank customer been beaten to pulp by policemen attached to the bank. The bank alleged that the customer in question has been making too many withdrawals from his account since he received payment last week. 

They questioned him in his regards and he refused to answer. Not satisfied with the nswer, the bank manager concluded that the customer was trying to empty his account hastily. The policemen attached to the bank started beating the guy when he demanded to know why he is been questioned on withrawals he made on his own account. 

The guy later became unconscious and they had to rush him to the nearest police station to try and get some sort of financial validation of theor position. 

Bank manager is the lady with the red head tie. one of the bank officer and one of the policemen try to stop keke to rush the customer to the hospital. The bank is GTB idi-oro and the police station is Alakara Police station ."

Check out the photo below:

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