26 years old woman, known as Ma took her own life because the family won’t allow her undergo Caesarean section even when the doctor recommended the procedure.

Under Chinese law family members have to give permission before medical staff carries out surgery.
Hospital records state that at 5.50pm last Thursday, staff told the family of the requirements for a caesarean delivery, China Business News reported.
It was gathered that Ma was admitted into Maternity ward of Yulin No 1 hospital in Shaanxi province, northern China last Wednesday.

According to the doctor, the baby head was big and also happened to be Ma first child, so they recommended the Caesarean section.
“The pregnant woman twice walked out of the ward to tell her family that she wanted a caesarean because she could no longer bear the pain, but the family continued to insist on a natural delivery,” according to the records.
The hospitals staffs persuade her to enter to her ward and again plead to the family to allow her undergo the procedure recommended but they still refused.

Around 8pm, Ma fell from fifth floor window in the hospital and died along with the fetus.

After investigation, the police told reporters that they believed it was a suicide. 

Check out a CCTV footage of the woman coming out of the ward to beg her family to let her undergo the procedure

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