3 Key Steps On How To Last Long On Bed

 3 Key  Steps On How To Last Long On Bed

what makes you a man is your  ability to satisfy your woman during sex. It has been recorded that some percentage of man can't go for 5mins during sex and that has resulted to breaking up few relationships.

Research has recorded that the easiest way to completely get rid of premature ejaculation is through a healthy diet, regular exercising and natural fruits.

Part of having a clean and Healthy  diets is on the fruits we take in and regular flushing of our system with water. Most men hardly take in any fruit a day and that's way too bad for sex life.

in this article, i try much as possible  to opening your mind on three fruits that will boost your libido and overall sex performance. Don't forget to thank me later after you might have experienced good sex performance after reading this post.

Fruits are natural gift from our creator to help assist us in some area of life. Each fruit have it own benefits to the health and the process of discovering the relevant ones and it benefits to health posed to be the challenges encounter by men.

Fruits like Banana, watermelon and avocado helps to increase our sex drives in most especially the men. They are also helpful to the women but we are going to considerate more on its important to the men.

 3 Key  Steps On How To Last Long On Bed   

Avocado contains lots of potassium which improve stamina as well as increase blood flows. When blood flows and rush into the sexual organs, the desire to have sex will increase. This great fruit is high in folic acid which would help increase sperm count in men.  

 3 Key  Steps On How To Last Long On Bed

We all know watermelon to be a commonly found fruit around us but we properly don't know it can boost sex performance. watermelon is low in calories, it contain a significant amount of phytonutrients that could boost libido and stamina. It helps to make the blood vessels relax just like Viagra. its funny when i call Viagra. you can also call it natural Viagra.

Watermelon is good for cardiovascular muscles. it is a natural enhancement for boosting sex drive. The seed contain magnesium that has aphrodisiac effect on the consumer, thereby increasing libido and stamina.

 3 Key  Steps On How To Last Long On Bed  

The last in my list is Banana. it contain Bromelain an enzyme that enhance libido and reverse impotency in men. Bnana is known for having the shape of penis and contain potassium, magnesium and as well other vitamins that is relevant to men. 

This great fruit is not only serve as food for nutrition, it also improve the production of hormones, increase energy level ans help spice up sexual desire.

Why not include the above fruits to your diet and take your woman to the next level during sex. They are easy to locate and cheap as well.

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