Spectacle is a pair of smart glasses developed and manufactured by snap Inc. it is highly stylish looking sunglasses with a built in camera. It offers new ways to capture snaps and ability of 10 seconds videos clips. These device is not going to beat the quality of your smartphone camera, spectacle are a hands-free convenience and most importantly, fun to use.

This video recording sunglass from snap Inc. gives you a tiny camera built into a plastic sunglass frame and sends 10 seconds video clips to your iPhone or android smartphone via the snapchat application.
The merit of spectacle is that its fun circular, hands-free video, stylish looking sunglasses design and finally it work well with snap’s fun tool. Despite the numerous merit of theses great video recording sunglass device, its battery life is sub-par, Wi-Fi connection issues and poor low light video.

Snap spectacle are now available to purchase online via the organization website at the cost of $129.99. Snap Inc. offer free delivery in 5 to 10 business days including charging case and cables.

This video recording sunglass comes in three colors: black, coral and teal

How to order for snapchat spectacles online

1.       Visit the website click here

2.       On the homepage, click on the desired color represented by three round balls

3.       After clicking on the round balls, click on add to cart and checkout page will load

4.       Click on checkout and it will load a sort of form page

5.       Provide all the necessary information needed on the form page and click on continue to shipping method

6.       Check the shipping address you presented to make sure they are all correct and click on continue to pay method

7.       Fill the pay method and click on place order.

Remember that it will take 5 to 10 business days for your order to get to you. Hope you will find this great device useful and please don’t forget to use the comment box to tell us your experience.

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