Nowadays, Camera in smartphones has advanced very much from being a need to professional photography. Most of the people now place more consideration on buying good camera smartphone that can be able to display a quality image than a Digital camera.  

Due that, many application developers has stock camera applications  of smartphones which now  have many features included, but there are now many Best Camera Apps for Android available in the play store that provided a wide variety of camera features and enhances the photo. So, we have prepared a list of 5 best camera apps for your android phone that can give you what u want when it comes to issue of image. Here is the list:-

1.       CAMERA MX APP



4.       CAMERA FV-5 PRO


CAMERA MX APP: This is a good camera app for Android. It is a point and shoots camera app. it comes with some extra features, more editing tools and effects. It includes many editing features for adjusting white balance, contrast, straightening the pic and many more features. It is also built with many photo effects that can be applied to images and videos in real time, which helps you to enhance and edit images It interface comes with zoom, timer, tap-to-focus feature and it is loaded with frames and overlays. So if you are looking for a camera app which can offer lots more effect modes enhancements, and then surely it’s the right choice for you. 

CAMERA 360 ULTIMATE APP: Camera360 is a leading and also one of the best camera apps for android you can download without regret. It uses lens filtering system that can be applied to the photo to enhance it and also fashioned with plenty of features and effects. There are many filters available. Filters can be executed in both ways either before or after capturing the picture like if you have an image capture before then no problem you can apply filter too, it offers some good filter options which will surely go to make your image more better as per your choices.Cameras 360 come with different modes like tilt-shift camera and posturize effect to the pic. Its selfie camera mode is also useful that enables us to apply filters, manage skin tones and give effect. This app has over 500 million downloads, and over 4.5 stars, which also encourage users to keep this app on our list of best camera apps for Android.

GOOGLE CAMERA APP: This is also one of the best camera app for Android from GOOGLE that offers a clean and convenient interferes. It comes with few settings. It has photo-sphere and panorama mode that works on a follow-the-dot mechanism. It also has a Lens Blur mode that helps to take a photo by focusing on a particular object and making the background blur, so if you are looking to make your images like DSLR style, then this could help. The camera app for Android comes with a grid overlay, timer and also video shooting mode.. Google Camera also has android wear support for this app which makes this app as all pervasive and the best camera app on Android.

CAMERA FV-5 PRO: It is one of the best camera apps for Android, which users can doubtlessly download on their devices. The Camera App is very different from most of the stock Camera Apps when you first open it, you will have a lot of options present on the both sides of the screen. The Application features Manual Focus, Focus Lock but these functions are only restricted to the smartphones which support manual focusing on the hardware side. You can adjust Exposure, Timer, ISO, Colour, Shutter Speed, etc. The Application features Manual Focus, Focus Lock but these functions are only restricted to the smartphones which support manual focusing on the hardware side. You can adjust Exposure, Timer, ISO, Colour, Shutter Speed, etc. This App is available in two versions, Lite version is available for Free, but some features are restricted which means you have to pay for the Pro variant.

CAMERA ZOOM FX APP: Camera ZOOM FX comes with a beautiful and straightforward interface. It allows users to select editing tools for applying effects such as tilt-shift, the transformation of colours and more. Camera ZOOM FX comes with various shot modes such as voice activated, timer, and burst also with constant shot helper mode. It also contains settings for HDR, ISO, saturation, hardware button controls and also overlays. Camera ZOOM FX is a popular app with no in-app purchases.

How to download the above mentioned camera applications
1.       Make sure u have an active data plan
2.       Open your Google play store
3.       Type the name of the camera app via the search bar
4.       Allow it to open and click on  download
5.       Install and enjoy quality image

I am very certain that you liked our list of best camera apps for Android. Let us know in the comment section if we forget any other app which you believe is the best camera app. Cheers!!!

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