How match with Egypt will not be an easy one

The new Super Eagles captain Mike Obi says their match with Egypt will not be an easy one. He said if the Super Eagles were able to defeat Kenya in Nairobi 2009 in a must win game to qualify for 2010 FIFA world cup, they can also do it today.

Here is his report
We are in the same situation now as we were then going to Nairobi. I just have it in my mind that it can be done, that we have done it before. Yes, we will go out there on Tuesday night
and do exactly what we have to do: fight. It is not going to be easy but I keep remembering what we did in Nairobi that evening and I know it can be done.”he said Shuaibu Amodu who was the head coach of the Super Eagles in 2010 and now the National Technical Director of the Super Eagles, also says the Super Eagles can win their match against the Pharoahs of Egypt just as they beat their Kenyan counterpart in Nairobi in 2010. “I also remember Nairobi, and I have already discussed it with Mikel (Obi) and he remembers very well and the spirit is there and he will pass it on to the other players. We just have to remember that it has been done before and that we can do it again. Of course, that was a FIFA World Cup qualifier and this one is an Africa Cup of Nations qualifier. But the
same principle can be applied and Nigeria will come out victorious.”

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