Father raped his 12years old daughter and got her pregnant.

The police of Bayelsa state just arrested Mr Bamekpa from Ogbia Local Government for raping his 12years old daughter, getting her pregnant and then take her to a quack doctor to terminate her four months old pregnancy. The girl said the father started raping her when she was 11years old. 
The victim, Queen, who could not take the repeated repeated rape incident from her father, decided to run away from home“There was nobody to help me. He kept doing it despite my efforts to stop him. It was a painful and violent experience. I ran away from home because there was
a time I bled so much from my private part. 

When I became pregnant and he heard about it, he handed me over to a lady who took me through an
unsuccessful process of abortion. I have been suffering series of health issues after the abortion.”
Speaking on the travails of his niece, her uncle, David Apigi, expressed shock at the way she was allegedly violated by her father. “My niece told me the trauma she has been passing through in father’s house and how her father has been using her, turning her to his second wife. She said he had sex with her to the extent that he aborted her four-month-old pregnancy.

She ran to me and begged me not to allow her to return to her father’s house because she was tired. I decided to accommodate her. The father started looking for her without knowing she was
with me.” 

He said he reported the matter to the Kolo Police Station but asked them to hold on to enable him make some investigations. After his investigations, he called his cousin, Rex Ogboku, in Abuja who reported the matter to the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA).

However the unsatisfactory and seeming sluggish response from FIDA caused him to take more drastic action. “My cousin, Rex Ogboku, in Abuja called FIDA to inform them about the situation.
But the way FIDA was going about the issue was too sluggish for my liking. 

I decided to contact the Operation Rescue. We went back to the police and the Otuasiga Police Station arrested the man. The process through which the Otuasiga Police Station was handling the case was not satisfactory. Imagine a situation where somebody was arrested and while in detention he was still having access to his phone, making calls. 

He even called me. He called my uncle, trying to plead with him for settlement. I moved the case to Kolo Police Station.” He said his niece’s father was notorious for sexual perversion, alleging also that he had slept with his biological sisters. He said the suspect repeatedly had carnal knowledge of his cousin’s daughter and forced her to commit abortion five times. He said some of his victims were ready to testify against him. 

Also speaking on the sad story, Princess Elizabeth Egbe, a leader of a Human rights group Operation Rescue (OPER), who is handling the case, said: "Our investigations showed that the little girl had been perpetually raped by her father who impregnated her and forced
her through abortion that has left her with so many health problems. When the girl was pregnant, she did not know. Her stepmother discovered she was pregnant
and informed the father. The father handed her over to a lady who took her to a quack doctor for an abortion.

 After the abortion, the girl came back home and discovered she was bleeding from her private part. The father took her to that same lady who then took her to other places. The girl is still in pains and
highly traumatized. She has been going through series of medical treatments. We want the police to really investigate this matter and get to the root of the case. We want the doctor to be arrested, and we want everybody that is involved to be arrested and prosecuted to serve as deterrent to other people who are involved in this act of perpetual evil against the girl-child. The girl-child is tender and has a lot to contribute to nation-building.” The suspect will soon be arraigned in court

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