”Don’t Sell Your Self Short JustBecause of A Ring” by Benita Okojie To Single Ladies

Gospel singer, Benita Okojie, advises young singles ladies against bowing to the pressures of marriage in message she shared on her Instagram page:

Dear Sister, I know that now that you’re done with school and have a steady job. The most asked question from parents,relatives and even friends is “When are you getting married?” For our parents; they want to carry their grand child. Our siblings; they can’t wait to be called Uncle and Aunty Our Neighbours and Relatives; can’t wait to see little junior running round the house. 

They have every right to want this as much as we all do but everything will happen in God’s time. The pressure is real and so many people who married because of pressure will tell you that you shouldn’t make that decision just because there’s pressure to. Don’t sell your self short just because of a ring
and change in Status! There’s a blessing in Waiting. Waiting for God’s Time. While you wait. Don’t sit at home. Meet people, Share your values, Interests and faith as youm prayerfully trust God to bring you the Mr Right. 

The greatest tragedy in life is to marry someone else’s Rib because your destinies are intertwined. May You find your own Rib! #InJesusName #NoPressure #GodsTime

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