Jesse Jagz Wants A ‘DeafAnd Dumb’ Wife And HeMeans Business. Here’sWhy

Chocolate City rapper and brother to M.I Abaga, Jesse Jagz is known for his leftist
ideals that many people would not quick to agree with. When asked in a recent interview the kind of woman he was looking out for, the single father and reggae-styled crooner said, “If I tell you my ideal
woman you will not believe me.” Jagz, whose real name is Jesse Abaga, continued, “My ideal woman is someone who is deaf and dumb so that I cannot be talking too much or listening to too
many conversations.” 

“It will give me time to focus on my music. There is also something I learn from Seun Kuti about marriage, he said that with development and everything, the major part of marriage is commitment and submission, appearance don’t necessarily matter. To all the women I have this for you, the more you are getting educated and exposed, you must always remember that a man is always a man and a woman is always a woman.”
“A cat cannot be a dog and a dog can never be a cat. Another quality I am looking out for in a woman is that, my woman should be confident and beautiful. She should be hardworking and able to inspire me. And I am yet to meet the woman but it is not like if I find the person I am ready to get married now. With entertainment, it is very dicey when it comes to marriage stuff and relationship.”

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