Hollywood actress Jessa Duggar: SLAMMED For Requesting Money From Fans

Earlier today, we reported tha t Jill and Jessa Duggar specials will air on TLC sometime in the very near future. Between returning to television, spending most of her life starring in a reality series, and
cashing in on speaking engagements and other side projects, you would thing that Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald would be pretty comfortable financially, right? Well, apparently not, as the first-time parents- to-be have listed their address and "favorite stores" on several websites with instructions on how fans can send gifts or cash donations. 

In Touch is reporting that the information has been deleted from Duggar-friendly sites such as Ashley's Reality Round-Up after fans expressed their distaste with the crass cash-grab in various comment boards. “Love the family, but I don’t think it’s right to give an address for gifts and gift cards,” wrote one fan under a post requesting cash donations. “I may be wrong but TLC and their personal appearances [probably] pay them well…donate to a charity in their name.”

 Several other fans echoed the sentiment, and the post was deleted just hours later. Initially, Jessa was applauded for continuing to engage with fans (Earlier today she asked the her social media followers to guess her baby's gender.), despite the fact that she's no longer enjoying those fat 19 Kids and Counting paychecks.

Now, it seems that she's been asking those same fans for handouts and planning her eventual return to TLC all the while. Jessa has stated that she forgives Josh Duggar for his various sexual indiscretions, but she and her new family are clearly still feeling the fallout from the scandal that ended their once wildly-popular reality series.

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