Freight forwarders advise colleagues to support flight sub-standard

The founder, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF), Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, has advised freight forwarders, particularly NAGAFF members, to adhere to trade regulations of Standards Organization of Nigeria 
Aniebonam gave the advice in a release in Lagos on Friday, ,saying adherence to good practices amounted to support for SON in its efforts to ensure quality and standard of imported products. “This, we believe is the minimum requirement expected of us as patriotic citizens of Nigeria and in conformity with the new ‘change’ philosophy of the current Government in Nigeria. “ The earlier we embrace change and add value to the rules of engagement the more secure our investments. “For us at NAGAFF, we shall continue to encourage SON to increase its awareness campaign on matters of
quality assurance and control over SONCAP and MANCAP regime in Nigeria. “ At the same time we urge SON to continue to evolve an approach that shall stop the idea of arresting containers on our city highways,” he said.

Aniebonam criticized those who took advantage of lapses in the system for self-enrichment and warned NAGAFF members to avoid such attitudes. “It is most unfortunate that through the activities of some unpatriotic elements, we have continued to enrich other nations without getting value
for our money.’’ he said. Aniebonam said ` NAGAFF as a patriotic association’’ would not protect any member who violated rules and regulations guiding international trade. “In the same vein we shall continue to appeal to SON to risk-manage import transactions using the framework of corrective measures to lessen the burden of waste.” He urged all members to priorities adherence to proper documentation and obtaining of product and SONCAP Certificates for all imported products.
He appealed to Nigerian Shippers Council to enter cooperation with SON “with a view to enlightening all concerned on matters of quality assurances and control of substandard and fake products into Nigeria’’. “It is a civic and patriotic duty upon us to work with SON to save lives and
properties of the Nigerian people by ensuring standard of products,”

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